WordCamp Vancouver 2010

  WordCamp Vancouver is a annual conference that took place at the Museum of Vancouver on June 12. It’s basically for anyone who wants to learn, and share, more about developing WordPress sites. Here is the video lineup of everyone who spoke this year as well as a write up each of them. (thumbnail and write-ups courtesy of John Bollwitt & WordCamp Vancouver)

Nadia Aly

Socializing Your WordPress Blog

  Nadia Aly holds a Masters of Digital Media from the Centre of Digital Media in Vancouver,BC. Currently she works at Microsoft as an online community manager. She specializes in Social Media practices, marketing and much more. She started developing websites 14 years ago at the age of 12 …..and never stopped……

  Nadia does Social Media with an attitude !! Want to know how to make your blog social? What’s the secret behind getting those fancy retweet buttons and links to share content ? Twitter, Flickr, Youtube, Wibiya ….how do you get the best out of them? Best practices?? Best modules?? This is the place for you to learn how to bring the social world to the front steps of your blog…..and craving to come back for more !!

John Biehler

WordPress Development Environments

  John Biehler is a jack of all trades, and can often be seen tromping through the puddles in Vancouver with many of his digital SLR cameras. When not photographing the Vancouver Olympics or random fashion event, John can be often be found hacking away on PHP and WordPress sites while sipping a locally brewed Vancouver beer.

  John will be talking about WordPress-related development environments such as WAMP and MAMP. Using these environments, it’s possible to work on a WordPress site offline and simply merge changes to your live site as needed. John’s talk about WordCamp Fraser Valley on this same topic was very popular, so it’ll undoubtedly be a very informative session if you’re looking to expand your knowledge on how to tweak WordPress sites.

Christine Rondeau, Dave Zillie & Cam Cavers

WordPress as a CMS
@bluelimemedia @dazil @camcavers

Christine Rondeau has been developing websites since 2001. In the past 5 years she’s developed over a 100 sites based on WordPress. Most of these sites have a blog component, but more and more of them are websites that look nothing like WordPress sites.

  With a strong background in project management, teaching, and developing for the web, Dave brings years of experience and tremendous enthusiasm to his work as the principal of dazil Internet Services, a web development and hosting company, with a focus on developing and hosting WordPress based sites. WordPress has been a highly successful platform for Dazil clients, as it is such an easy to use platform, and can be adapted to fit pretty much any type of website.

Lauren Bacon

Being Curious for a Living: How asking questions creates loyal clients (and better websites)

  Widgets are awesome, and writing beautiful code is an art and a science. But if you’re spending all your time implementing client requests rather than asking questions, then you’re replaceable — and replaceable doesn’t make for much of a business model.

  Veteran web strategist and designer Lauren Bacon shares the key questions you can ask your clients to turn them into loyal, repeat customers — and to make yourself an indispensable, trusted advisor. You’ll learn how to have more fun at work, create better sites, and improve your bottom line, just by letting yourself get curious.

  A veteran web designer, Lauren co-founded Raised Eyebrow Web Studio with Emira Mears, her all-around right-hand woman (with whom she also wrote The Boss of You: Everything A Woman Needs to Know to Start, Run, and Maintain Her Own Business). The two have been in business together for ten years, and during that time have developed a reputation for helping clients in the nonprofit, government and progressive business sectors use online tools more effectively.

  Lauren started her design career during the web’s infancy; more than a dozen years later, she remains passionate about facilitating online communication and helping people connect heart-to-heart through technology.

Colin Ligertwood

Designing for WordPress

  In 1995, Colin made his first webpage and fell in love with the web. Since then, he has made a career of creating fun and professional websites and web applications of all kinds. When not working, Colin enjoys watching the sunset from a picturesque grassy knoll, indulging in fine wine over candlelit conversations on French film, and long walks on the beach.

  Colin will be speaking about how to make sure your website designs work well as WordPress themes. He will discuss several tips and techniques that he uses as a web developer that you should have in mind as a web designer beginning to design for WordPress. Colin will also try to point out some common challenges designers may run into when designing for WordPress.

Amye Scavarda

WordPress and Drupal: Deciding between content management systems for your projects

  Amye Scavarda is a project management person for open source content management systems based out of Portland, OR. She works to make websites that hurt less with teams that like to work with each other. She runs a consulting company called Function, and she’s on twitter as @msamye.

  WordPress works fabulously for a wide variety of websites. With the growth in development, even more websites will be able to use WordPress. But what happens when it’s just a little bigger than WordPress can handle, and how do you make the decisions about when to use Drupal? This is also a talk about cross-pollination between open source projects and how it helps grow both communities.

Tris Hussey & Catherine Winters

WordPress 3.0 and Parent/Child Themes
@trishussey @catherineomega

  Tris Hussey is a long-time technologist, blogger, and writer, after picking up blogging on a whim in 2004, he quickly became both a professional blogger and a leading expert in business blogging. He has been a part of several Web 2.0 startups from blogging software to blogging agencies and continues to write, blog, teach, and consult. In addition to giving workshops and speaking at conferences, Tris also teaches social media, blogging, podcasting, and WordPress at UBC, BCIT, and elsewhere. His first book Creating Your Own Blog: 6 Easy Blogging Projects to Start Blogging Like a Pro was published January, 2010 and his second book, Using WordPress, is due out July, 2010.

  Using parent-child themes and theme frameworks isn’t new in WordPress 3.0, but there are more options available. Tris will be discussing what those options are, as well giving a brief look into the shiny new WordPress 3.0.

  As a longtime blogger and WordPress user, Catherine is looking forward the exciting changes coming in WordPress 3.0. As an long-time advocate for usability and open standards, she recommends WordPress users everywhere update old themes, throw out old code, and listen to her talk at great length about how happy she is to use

  At WordCamp Vancouver, Catherine will tell you why you should be using a child theme after you upgrade to WordPress 3.0 , as well as how you might go about doing so.

  In the past, Catherine’s worked in social media, as a Second Life developer, and technical writer. Today, her interests include cycling, sushi, and sans-serif typography.

Mark McLaren

Get Found Easier and Grow Your Business: 5 Tips for Better Search Engine Optimization with WordPress

  Right out of the box, WordPress makes websites and blogs that are highly optimized for search engines as compared to traditional HTML and content management system (CMS) websites. Learn how, with a little extra time and effort, you can take your WordPress site to the next level of search engine optimization. In this elementary-level presentation, Mark will show you the basics of keyword research and five essential techniques to optimize your WordPress pages and posts for better search engine rankings.

  Mark was a speaker at the first WordCamp Seattle (2009) and presents regularly to Seattle business groups on search engine optimization and social media marketing. He is the President of Seattle search engine optimization and online marketing firm McBuzz Communications. Mark offers free WordPress tutorials and support on his blog, Business Blogging 101.

Dave Olson

Art and Technology are Old Pals

  Dave Olson is well known personality in the Vancouver technology scene, and is currently a technology evangelist at HootSuite, the company behind one of the #1 web-based   Twitter clients. Dave is a passionate and well-traveled speaker, and closed out WordCamp Whistler with his talk “Are you Worthy?” last year.

  By exploring technological innovations from tubed oil paints and graphite pencils to telegraphs and mountain bikes, Dave will explain how scientific innovation spurs the creative process and how to balance the cranial hemispheres to foster the seemingly opposed disciplines of both building a publishing platform and producing compelling content using WordPress.